Foundation for Population, Migration and Environment (PME)
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Aim and Purpose

The Foundation for Population, Migration and Environment (PME) is an institution which is free politically, ideologically and religiously independent.

The purpose of PME is to promote an understanding of the phenomena relating to human migration as well as of the associated processes and problems and thus to make a contribution to finding appropriate solutions. This is to be done by means of relevant activities in the domains of research, communications and public relations.

PME pursues this objective by means of its own activities and by granting funds to organizations and natural persons actively involved in the relevant fields. Specifically, PME endeavors:

Ways and Means

To implement these objectives, PME's sponsoring activities focus on the following ways and means:

(a) Research Capacity Promotion

Furthering of research capacity in sending and transit countries by means of call for research proposals.

(b) Research

Sponsoring of scientific projects which are considered eligible for sponsorship due to the scientific qualifications of the applicant as well as of the design of the project. Currently, PME does not accept new scientific projects.

(c) Small Projects

Entire or partial support of more practice-oriented projects.*

Principles of Scientific Ethics

The Foundation Board is committed to ensure that PME remains free of any political-ideological or religious bias.

In implementing its goals and allocating its resources – particularly in its decisions on sponsorship – it expects the projects which it promotes to be committed to a rational ethos which focuses on providing a scientific explanation of the issues involved, their internal and external relationships, their causes and the effects which they may be expected to have on the basis of well-founded scientific knowledge. Accordingly, the Foundation declines to sponsor projects which serve to disseminate, or to put into practice, specific political, ideological or religious values. The same principles apply to the Foundation's sponsorship of institutions.

* PME does not support university dissertations and similar qualifying programs, makes no contribution to printing costs and does not grant student scholarships or loans.